How It Works

Five Key components

Host Sites

Provide shelter for 1 week at a time, 4 times a year to 3 to 5 families (max. of 14 people).

Day Center

Families shower, do laundry, and receive case management services here. Older children receive school transportation from this location. Computers are provided for guests and there is a playroom for children. Guests use this address to receive mail and to include on job applications.

Trained Volunteers:

The Family Promise model of care relies heavily on volunteers who are trained to serve in the following capacities:

  • Prepare sleeping areas and family space in the host facility for temporary shelter
  • Help children with homework and play games
  • Provide friendship to families
  • Two volunteers (man and woman) remain overnight at the Host Site
  • Put away beds and bedding and restore host space
  • Help with case management services at the Day Center
  • Answer phone on weekends at the Day Center

Social Service Agencies

Referrals are accepted from existing social service agencies such as Homeless and Travelers Aid Society (HATAS), food pantries, congregations and school districts. Families in need are welcome to directly contact us. We work with existing social service agencies to be sure our guests are getting all of the help available to them to attain affordable housing and lasting independence.


A 15 passenger van and two experienced drivers on our staff transport families between the Day Center and weekly Host Site.

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