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Our Impact

Since opening our program in 2015, FPCR has sheltered 61 families. Since 2020, we have annually provided assistance to   more than 100 families at risk of homelessness. 50% of the   families we helped are children. 90% of our graduated families are   still housed.


FPCR also supports families at risk of homelessness, offering them   advocacy, counseling, information about community resources,   and emergency funding assistance, among other services. In 2023,  we helped prevent nearly 200 families from losing their home.  Among the individuals we’ve hosted, 15 have graduated from   educational programs and/or have become a business owner.  80% of our graduated families are still in touch with FPCR and   actively give back to the community.

Since November 2020, FPCR has sponsored Open World Relief’s   24/7 micro-food pantry in Albany’s West Hill neighborhood – a   food desert – distributing more than 10,000 pounds of free, non-  perishable food and personal protective equipment to the   community

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